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NON-STOP & COMMERCIAL FREE!! Playing Only The Best of the 50's, 60's, 70's, From 12am till 9pm (pct) every day, which is an assortment of Oldies, Motown/R&B, Classic Rock, Disco, and more! Our 80 Plus Show is all the top hits from the 80s, 90s, 00s Every Evening from 9pm till midnight (pct). (THE SUNDAY VAULT PLAYLISTS HAVE BEGUN ) For the Latest Updates, Scroll To The Bottom) We Also Have A Doo Wop Event. This is an assortment of Doo Wops, Big Bands, Some Swings, The Hit Parade, Sinatra Years and much more. This show is every Sunday 3am till 6am (pct). Genre Noon Hour Special: Every Day Noon till 1, We Play A Diff Genre: Motown Monday, Tues 50s, Wed 60s, Thurs Disco, Friday Classic Rock, and Sat 70s. Sunday's Are Special! (Read Below) FYI: This Station Has The Greatest Most Creative Jingles You've Ever Heard! Your Feedback is very important! For comments, suggestions, or requests, email or visit our website: Please share the link: LATEST UPDATES: THE SUNDAY VAULT PLAYLISTS HAVE BEGUN: Craigs Entire Playlist Collection play's every Sunday Morning From 6am till about Noon for now (see below for scheduling). WE OPENED THE JUKEBOX VAULT AND FOUND THOUSANDS OF GOLDEN OLDIES! Which equal to aprox 160 playlists, each about 90 minutes to 2 hours long. Songs you haven't heard since you were knee high! We had to dig deep into the vault for these treasures! Visit our web page for more details. The Vault Playlists (042, 043, and 044) for this coming Sunday are as follows: 042 at 6am, 043 at 9am, and 044 at 12 Noon . Any in-between times will be filled in with 50s /60s/70s. We will add New Playlists each week and post them here. NEW EVENT COMING SOON: "Medleys" Hour. There has been a great demand for medley's. Visit our Website for all updated details - Thanks For Listening!

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