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MICHAELSTONE CAMPBELL, DR DOOM & KABOOMSHAKER, Comes Back With A Saturday Night "TakeOver" And A Sunday Night "Throwback" ON AIR LIVE!! " MichaelStone777 Kanye West " Reloads Jerry Wilson with Wskr With The K-T Boundary Event. We Are With We Are Connected. We Stand United With "THE WJYN 98.5 fm PHILA., And Jerry Wilson, Plus SuperStar Jackson, Welcome You As We Stand United With Our LIVE SIMULCAST & "SYNDICATED PROGRAMS ON Every Saturday And Sunday, "LOVE MAKES THE WORLD 'On The STONEMICHAELSHOW Broadcast From 12 MIDNIGHT TILL 3:00 AM, Our Motivated Team Makes It Available on Cds & Download With & Mix Master DR Doom, WJYN 98.5 fm, So Come Join MichaelStone and 5+ Million other Small Business Owners. " Powered By ALIGNABLE, "Michaelstone777 Kanye West, LIVE365, Kool And The Gang, Dr Perri Johnson, Kim Graves, Gary Shepherd, Ohio Players and more Of Our friends On Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Mozilla And Firefox Mark Lee Agency For Cross Promotions On With WJYN 98.5 fm Also We're Honored To Do This Tribute For The late Linda Richardson, TITLED "THE IN GATHERING. We Offer Our Deepest And Most Sincere Condolences To The Family. This Was MichaelStone777 Contribution And It's FIRST DEBUT SHOW At THE UPTOWN THEATER RADIO 98.5fm AND Also Broadcasted On A SIMULCAST , TRIBUTE For Linda Richardson, She's sadly missed, by Friends And Family She was President of the Uptown Entertainment & Development Corporation (UEDC) We Are To Raise... Eighty Million Dollars, For (THE UPTOWN THEATER) Dr DOOM UPTOWN RADIO Is Alive And Kicking In Full Effect. WJYN 98.5 fm & MichaelStone777 Aka MichaelStone Campbell. DR DOOM, & M C KaBoomShaker Saturdays Nights 6 to 12 Midnight. MichaelStone Campbell Facebook Champion Coming To A World Near You Plus We Will be Broadcasted All Week Long, AS A HAPPY HOLIDAYS CELEBRATION TO YOU ALL. GO TO... (CHAT-ROOM) With Us. & Visit Us On All Platforms & Channels To Message Us, Go To Or Call MichaelStone Campbell 1 267 333 2112 - DR. Doom WJYN 98.5 fm, & Mark Lee The Coming To A World Near You.

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