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PetRescueRadio.Com was created after the loss of my BEST friend, a Border Terrier Mix, Trixie, who I had the pleasure of having spent the past 15 years with. Sadly I had to put Trixie down this past Christmas Eve and she has left such a void in my life. That's when it occurred to me; if I could only combine my broadcast experience and my love for these wonderful four legged friends, I would be able to spread the word across America of the importance of Pet and Rescue adoptions. Hundreds of Thousands of Dogs and Cats will never be able to share their unconditional love, much like Trixie did with me as they are being euthanized to the tune of over one million per year. We MUST stop this trend and begin spreading the word that Pet adoption is a wonderful option for every family in America. We want to find not just FOREVER homes but GREAT homes for these loving souls. I am making a commitment where I will be aligning my efforts with Animal Shelters all across America to promote some of their ready to adopt pets. Pet Rescue Radio will not only be your destination to find that right pet, but also your destination to find out everything you would like to know about pets. From fun facts to educational facts. All will be featured on a daily basis on Pet Rescue Radio. We are even doing "Live" shows Monday - Friday from 2PM - 4PM (EST) where pet owners can get their song requests for their Favorite Fury Friends as in addition to being a 24/Hr Pet Rescue Radio Station, we also play the BEST variety of music from the past 5 decades. So Pet Lovers all over, spread the word about our mission and tell everyone about Pet Rescue Radio. Help us raise the proper funds to keep this radio station operating 24 hours a day! Let Pet Rescue Radio be the voice of these pets who are days and weeks away from never realizing their full potential and offering their kindness and unconditional love to all of us!!

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