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Our weekly marquee STREETJAZZ Show with Wes George showcases the very latest in Smooth, Vocal and Brazilian Jazz with a sprinkling of Mainstream, Latin, Inspirational and Soul music COMMERCIAL FREE, ON DEMAND, SUBSCRIPTION FREE and GLOBALLY. Our 5 jazz channels, STREETJAZZ (the latest releases), CONNOISSEUR JAZZ (mainstream and contemporary jazz) and DREAMS OF RIO (Brazilian Bossa Jazz), CLUBTRAX (70’s and 80’s Nightclub Tracks) and WORLD AUDIO DAY 2020 ( A Very Special STREETJAZZ Show for this event). We now have listeners in 106 countries on 4 continents worldwide and expanding weekly. DISCOVER NEW MUSIC TODAY from the past 8 decades of jazz plus the latest releases from the GROOVE JAZZ CHARTS and THE BILLBOARD SMOOTH JAZZ CHARTS. We have an option via our website to LISTEN ‘PRESENTER FREE’ FOR NON ENGLISH SPEAKERS @ www.JazzNet247.net READ INTERESTING ARTICLES and ALBUM REVIEWS via our NEW PERSONAL NOTES feature @ http://www.jazznet247.net/personalnotes You may view the complete PLAYLIST for our shows at our website anytime @ www.JazzNet247.net Wes George - Producer and Host W = www.JazzNet247.net E = info@JazzNet247.net Blog Page = https://www.facebook.com/streetjazzblogpage6

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