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Jams @ WhoMagoo.com 24/7 – Live365 Who Magoo – Music transcends time and takes us back to Great memories of our first rock concert (Pink Floyd – Animals, ‘77) or playing with the school band, and music takes us into the present with the songs that move us forward into a Positive place in life, it’s a Super playlist on the show play the music and the notes and they will move us forward, or back to better days, with the Music, Rock On. 😊Who Magoo *Music Review* WhoMagoo.com – Live365, covers all ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC licenses in the United States, as well as SOCAN and Re: Sound for Canada, and PPL and PRS for Music for the U.K. – Who Magoo *Music Review* – Station software: Legal Sam Broadcaster Pro – updated: 2022.6 – (c) Copyright Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC – 2023 - Jams @ WhoMagoo.com 24/7 – Live365 Who Magoo – :) Rock On. 😊

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