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A tribute to the Motor City's Classic Big 8 Radio of the 50's, 60's and 70's! Big 8 Radio brings back the voices you love with Classic Breaks all day: Dave Shafer, Scott Regen, Tom Shannon, Bill Gable,Walt 'Baby' Love, Steve Hunter, Big Jim Edwards, Pat Holiday, Super Max Kinkel and more: including segments featuring the Legendary CK news team with 20/20 News! Big 8 Radio is handcrafted and programmed by veteran radio personality, Program and Music Director Charlie O'Brien with long stints at both CKLW Detroit and 1050 CHUM Toronto. You hear the voices of Ted Richards, Gary Burbank, Charlie Van Dyke, Kris Erik Stevens, Walt 'Baby' Love, Scott Miller, Jim Edwards, Steve Madely, Jim Jackson, Bill Gable and Jo-Jo Shutty-MacGregor. Big 8 Radio is carefully crafted to recreate the Big Sound of The Big 8 in the Motor City. We are NOT affiliated with any terrestrial broadcaster and any historical elements used are deemed to be Public Domain.

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